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Biomass Boilers

BIOMASS BOILERS use an organic, plant based material (usually wood) as fuel to heat your home. The three most common fuels are pellets, wood chip and logs. Biomass is viewed by many as the most important source of renewable energy and is carbon neutral from sustainable sources. Woody biomass is an effective way to heat your home as it produces high water temperatures which is ideal for older, not easily insulated houses particularly in rural areas as fuel storage is an important factor.

Pellet Boilers are the most common form of biomass boilers and use pellets which generally comprise of compacted saw dust and have a moisture content of 6 – 8%. The quality of the pellets is very important as they must be consistent in size, density and moisture content. Pellet boilers are very clean burning with very little gases emitted achieving almost complete combustion meaning they are over 90% efficient and leave very little ash. The pellets can be feed manually or a hopper is usually designed into the system so that your pellet boiler is fully automated.

Wood Chip Boilers require more room for fuel storage and are generally found on farms or estates. They are just as efficient as pellets but wood chips are cheaper to buy and often can be produced from your own supply. Storing and drying the wood chips is very important and, similar to pellets, a hopper with an automated feeding system must be incorporated into the system design.

Log Boilers or Log Gasification Boilers use logs but, unlike a wood burning stove with a back boiler, the gases released from burning wood are re-burnt in a second chamber allowing efficiency levels of 80 – 90%. Log boilers are very cost effective if you have access to your own fuel but the boilers do need feeding on a daily basis and a lot of wood is required so it’s important to calculate storage space required as the logs must be below 25% moisture content – air dried for two to three years.

Pellet Stove with Back Boilers are a very attractive way to incorporate the convenience of an automated, clean burning and highly efficient pellet stove to heat your home with the beauty of a real fire. Various styles and sizes exist and pellet range cookers are very popular.